After forming in 2003 and experiencing a few line-up changes, the final version of Fats Wah Wah has been together since 2006.

Honing their sound at long residencies at The Scarab Bar Belgrave, The St. Andrews Pub and the Rainbow Hotel Fitzroy they released their first CD 'Fats Wah Wah' in 2006, 2007 they released their second CD 'Fats Wah Wah Live' to critical acclaim, and continued to build a cult following of dedicated Fats fans.

After great success with their 3rd CD 'Surfs Up in Gembrook' launched to several full houses including the auspicious 'Prince of Wales', they

have just released their 4th, a double live CD, 'Monsterio Delicioso'.

RRR presenter and drummer of Daddy Cool Gary Young described the Fats sound as 'tough but sensitive' combining as it does elements of delta blues, reggae, country, and free flowing improvisation, all with an unerring ear for a hook. RRR along with 3PBS, ABC National and 3MDR have all been extremely supportive giving 'The Fats' regular airplay.

'The Fats' have also enjoyed great success at such Festivals as Mordialloc Food/Wine, Apollo Bay, Eltham Jazz & Blues and Thredbo

Many of the songs are characterized by a killer riff, some have weird chord structures and time signatures. Others are heavy on the harmony chorus and hypnotic vocal chants. All are uniquely 'Fats' with the rasping bluesy lead vocals of Luke Spekes sometimes giving way to a more Dylan-esque whine or sometimes a whispered plea.

Energy levels are felt as a controlled and understated power which could jump off the leash at any time. Excitement is always high with Luke seemingly plugged into a wall socket and the backing vocalists swaying and flowing while the rest of the band take the groove out the window and round the universe.

Watch out for 'Fats Wah Wah', you'll never hear another band like them.

Led by the dark and deep tones of Luke Spekes, singer/songwriter and guitarist, the band comprises of:

Cam Walter on guitar
Josh Licht on drums
Chris Laidler on bass and vocal backing

Cam Walter and the band would like to thank Cole Clark Guitars for his Ubeaut new Guitar.
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